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MUZZY MANTIS BOWFISHING REST New Muzzy "Mantis" Bowfishing Rest. Spring Loaded Door, Replaceable Wear Pad For Smooth Draw. R/H or L/H. MUZZY 1069 XD PRO BOWFISHING REEL New Muzzy XD Pro Reel. Uses Integrated Reel Mount. 150lb Line ncluded,No Button To Push, Flip Lever To Release Reel For Shot R/H Or L/H. NEW EXTREME REEL SEAT New "Extreme Seat" Heavy Aluminum  Reel Seat. Mounts Into Riser. Threaded End For Rod. Integrated O-Ring, Internal Splined, Top Flat For Perfect Reel Fit. MUZZY 1067XD BOWFISHING REEL 2016 Muzzy Spincast Reel. Uses Reel Seat Style Mount. 150lb Tournament Line Now Included And Pre Spooled, Use  R/H Or L/H.      Line Included For 2016!
Quantity: #225 $38.95
Quantity: #125 $89.95

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#250 $28.95

New Black Swirl Available.

Best Seat For Muzzy or Ti20!

Quantity: #124 $64.95

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AMS SHORTY NOCK ADAPTERS 'NEW" AMS Shorty nock Adapter, 3pk Tapered To Glue on Standard 5/16 Arrows. Uses S Nock #285 Includes 3. Orange Nocks WRATH COMPLETE ARROW "New" RPM Wrath 3 Barb Point. Unscrew Tip For Fish Removal. 5/16 Arrow. TJE HOLESHOT RETRIEVER SHOOT THRU ROD Retriever "Holeshot" TJE Shoot Thru Rod Reel Saver. Fits The Pro, Standard Retrievers. Mounts Under AMS Mounting Block! QUICK DRAW BOWFISHING BOND New Bowfishing Bond Glue, Great For Points Or Nocks. Rubber Tough Strength, 3700psi.
Quantity: #287 $15.95
Will Not accept Lighted Nock!
Quantity:    #384 $10.95
Quantity:  #245 $29.95
Quantity:   #6075 $9.75
Innerloc 3 Barb Grappid Point "New" Grapid By Innerloc 5/16 3-Barb. Fast Fish Removal By Loosening The Control Stud Tip, Blades Fold Back Into Point.     AMS ANKOR FX BOWFISHING ARROW Complete Arrow Using The New AMS Ankor FX 3 Barb, Loosen Tip 2 Turns To Reverse Barbs. Stainless Steel with Cyclone Tip. COMPLETE AMS ANKOR QT BOWFISHING ARROW Compete Arrow Using The New  AMS Ankor QT 3 Barb, 2 Turns To Shaft To Reverse Barbs. Stainless Steel with Cyclone Tip.
Quantity: #573 $15.95
Quantity: #365 $19.95
Quantity: #366 $20.95
TJE Shoot Thru Rod Reel Saver. Mounts To Reel Seat, Eliminate Wear On Reel. Reel And Seat Not Included. Bowfishing Extreme hand towel With Ring Bowfishing Extreme Hand Towel. Nice Quality Tri Fold Design For Slim Look. Includes Clip.   RPM NRG CARBON SPLINED SHAFT "NEW" 32" 5/16 NRG Fiberglass Carbon Mix. No Nock or Point. Drilled For Line Or Slide. Strong & Straighter Than Fiberglass. Silver/Black  RPM NRG CARBON SPLINED SHAFT Upgrade Your Complete White Arrow with A NRG Carbon Mix Shaft. Use Equal Qty For Complete. Not A Shaft Alone!
Quantity:    #249 $24.95  
Quantity:   #431 $6.95
Quantity: #213 $6.95
New for 2014!
Quantity: #219 $3.95

Use only with Complete Arrow Purchase!

FIN FINDER T-HANDLE GAFF Fin Finder T-Handle 3" Stainless Hook With Molded  T-Handle for Grip. 200LB WOODY WIRE FOR SPINNCAST REELS New "Woody Wire" 200# Fast Flight. 90' Spool. For Use With Spincast Reels. Great New Product. Bowfishing Extreme hand towel With Ring Bowfishing Extreme Hand Towel. Nice Quality Tri Fold Design For Slim Look. Includes Clip.   NEW CONTOURED FINGER SAVERS "New" Contoured Finger Savers. Made From The Same Silicone As the Original Finger Savers. Installs Just Like No Glov.
Quantity: #523 $12.95
Quantity: #5005 $13.95
Quantity:   #431 $6.95
#6008  $4.95
Extreme Osprey Rest "New" Extreme Fixed Rest. Fits Oneida Osprey Only. Grove Machined For Perfect Centershot. RPM LOCKER QUIVER Locker Arrow Quiver. Mounts To Sight Holes. HD Nylon. Includes Hardware. STICKER GRIPPER BOW QUIVER Sticker Gripper Bowfishing Quiver. Mounts Under Positive Draw Stop On Oneida Bows, Stainless Steel Universal Tabs. OMP HYDROSHOT FINGER SAVERS "New" Fin Finder Hydro Shot Finger Saver. Installs Just Like No Glov, Built In Nock Collar Molded On.
#233 $64.95   $59.95 
On Sale!
Quantity: #270 $9.95
Quantity:    #268 $14.95
          #6004              $9.95       
Monkey Wire Bowfishing Line 150' Spool Monkey Wire 200lb Test Fast Flight Line 150'Spool.Great New Line For Spinner Reels. Small Diameter Equals More Line And Smooth Deployment.  Fin Finder Hydro-Glide Pro Bowfishing Rest "New"Hydro Glide Pro Rest. Tooless Micro Adjustment, Teflon Channel With Arrow Holder. R/H Or L/H. STICKER GRIPPER II UNIVERSAL QUIVER Sticker Gripper II Bowfishing Quiver. Universal Mount Includes Hardware. Stainless Steel Universal Tabs. "New Hydro Skin Bottle Wrap" Self Stick To Personalize Your AMS Bottle
Quantity: #5020  $14.95
Quantity: #238 $36.95
Quantity: #269  $16.95
Universal Mount Includes Hardware!
PLASTINOCK FOR SAFETY SLIDE 5/16 Slimer Nock Safety Slide Will Go Over This Plasticnock. Chartreuse Nock. Sold By Dozen. MAX IT OUT LED STERN LIGHT Max It Out LED Stern Light, Lifetime Warranty, Unbreakable Pole, Ram Mounting Included, 36". Never Break Another Stern Light Bowfishing.


F&D Pro Reel Seat II F & D Pro Reel Seat. Mounts Into Riser. Threaded For End For Rod Attachment. Allen Wrench Required To Remove Reel.   RPM VICTORY REST RPM Victory Rest. Aluminum Body With Nylon Arrow Galley Insert. Right Or Left Handed.
Quantity: #306 $2.75
Quantity: #7500 $74.95
Quantity:   #251 $31.95
Quantity: #236 $29.95
LIGHT STRIKE LASER SIGHT Light Strike Laser Sight. Laser Diffracts Thru Water And Takes The Guess Work Out Of Your Shot. Uses Powerful 5mW Green Laser. Bowfishing Extreme hand towel With Ring Bowfishing Extreme Hand Towel. Nice Quality Tri Fold Design For Slim Look. Includes Clip.   BOWFISHING EXTREME CAMO HAT Bowfishing Extreme Water Camo Hat With White Lettering. Nice Cap! BOWFISHING EXTREME DECAL Bowfishing Extreme Decal. Water Background. Great Quality. 6, 18 or 24" Options.
Quantity: #6001 $129.95
Quantity:   #431 $6.95
Quantity: #427 $8.50
         #550              $1.25         

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